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How a man finds a centre of strength within himself

There is nothing more critical today than for men to find the courage, creativity, and wisdom our world needs to confront the problems of our age.

Yet, many men struggle with a lack of confidence, are ineffective at home and at work, and experience an intense loneliness deep within their hearts.   Many men live in isolation, bound by fear and a sense of inadequacy.  They try to fill this emptiness with work, alcohol, pornography, infidelity, and any number of addictive behaviours.

Boys are struggling, also.  They long for the blessing of manhood, yet our culture is silent.  In their frustration and anger, many boys act out by being rebellious, some become bullies, while others escape their pain through drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity.  Some boys give up, disengaging from academic and family life. At worst, they join gangs, become criminals, or fall into mental illness.

This is the crisis of masculinity.  It is the failure of a boy or an older male to come into mature adulthood.

All is not lost. There is hope for our civilization, for the path of the masculine journey is written in the hearts of boys and men.


Becoming a man is a fearsome process. It is movement away from the secure comforts of home and mother towards commitment and individuation. It is fraught with the fear of separation; few boys make the leap from childhood to adulthood, from immaturity to maturity, without support.
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